Hi Everyone,

The appeals meeting is completed. It was the Senior Medical Director, Appeals Director and stenographer. I had 30 minutes to ask/answer questions, state the reasons why I believed it was medically necessary for Corey to stay at Bryn Mawr and submit any documentation to support my case.

I handed them my Injury to Recovery timeline, progress notes, argument that BIA and Congressman Pascrell are supporting as well as a letter from Corey’s neurosurgeon stating that her progress in 6 months is more significant than he’s seen from some of his patients after 2 years. He attributes that to her inpatient acute care and rehabilitation and would recommend an extended stay.

I’d like to thank you all for “being with me” this morning. When I prepare to speak in front of an audience or face a difficult conversation or situation, I choose a mental image that will keep me centered and focused. Today it was walking up Market Street, the road empty in front of me. Behind me was an army of 3000+…all of you and the people you’ve reached out to on our behalf. We walked in silence, calm, steady pace. As I sat in the board room, we were not at a table. There was stadium seating behind me. You each had a seat. I couldn’t see you but I felt your presence. I spoke with confidence as I shared my reasoning for Corey’s extended length of stay. I have completed all I can for today.

Now we wait. The decision will be made by the Senior Medical Director and I will receive a call between 4pm and 4:30pm.
(afternoon post…)

We’re all going to have to wait a little longer…Blue Cross is still deliberating! I got a call a few minutes ago saying that we are paid through tomorrow until they render their decision.

I also met with Dr. Long for 2 hours. We discussed the challenges of setting up the nursing and home therapies. We will be meeting tomorrow to discuss additional options in case we get a denial.

Keep the prayers and positive thoughts coming…

Corey and I are going to have her spa night, tuck her in and watch Dancing with the Stars with our roommates. I’m going home after visiting hours and plan on crashing in my bed. No need to wait up for a late night post, I plan on relaxing then going to sleep to rest up for the next round tomorrow.

Good night all…Happy dreams, xoxo