The calendar page keeps changing and yet the passage of time is still surreal. Every year I look back and reflect on where we started, where we are, and what new milestones we hope to achieve. Our anniversary date is one of the harder milestones to acknowledge in that reflection. 

The weeks leading to this date are actually harder than the actual anniversary date. I’ve sat down to compose this update many times and everytime I begin to put words to paper my mind fills with thoughts that volley back and forth like a tennis match. For each moment of Joy, there’s a moment of grief. For each accomplishment, there’s multiple challenges to overcome. Memories haunt me and a whirlwind of emotions spontaneously consume me. After 11 years, we still have hard days that sometimes require breaking it down to getting through the hour and sometimes the minute. 

When these moments become overwhelming, I deliberately stop the internal tennis match and become my own referee. This is when I rehearse the list of motivational and inspirational sayings that have become our daily mental workout. 

Look back but don’t stare

We have 24 hours; TODAY … tomorrow hasn’t started yet.

The only guarantee in life is; LIFE WILL CHANGE 

Accidents happen; Life CONTINUES to happen

This is not an easy exercise! Focusing on these sayings is harder than physical exercise. It takes every ounce of mental strength and commitment we have to actively choose which side of the net we’re going to play each day. 4,019 days is a huge number…the only day that is really important is TODAY and how we’re going to volley the challenges vs positive thinking.

What hasn’t changed? Our mantra…Never Give Up and Never Give In, xoxo