Jury is in and denial is upheld for the 2nd appeal. So we’re goin’ for a 3rd to get at least a week.

I am appalled at this process. This is why we need to write the senators and congressman friends.

Thursday night a courier serves the denial. Friday we schedule the appeal. Monday I present the case stating that we have no homecare hired nor therapy companies available. Today Bryn Mawr tells Blue Cross they found a company (which I have not even interviewed or approved yet) that can cover the hours needed…Denial is up held and we are out Thursday!

What if we don’t like this company? We are getting forced out without even interviewing the nurses, checking references, or reputation of the company. Blue Cross is more worried about their bottom line than the individual they supposedly care for. I AM LIVID that we didn’t even get the courtesy of a week to transition with home care that WE select.

I have a call into Dr. Long to speak with someone tonight about this forced discharge.

I have put a call into Channel 10 and Fox National News. I have also called Senator Pat Toomey, Senator Bob Casey and Congressman Bill Pascrell. This is outrageous and deplorable behavior.
I will keep you all updated.