Hi Everyone,

We had a good day despite the overcast weather. Corey wasn’t feeling well early in the day. We have to discuss this reflux issue with the Doctor.
I asked the nurse to administer the “as needed” medicine to help her stomach and she was feeling much better as the day progressed. We even managed to get out for a long walk around the grounds.

I decided to come into the city to stay at Caitlin’s apartment so I wouldn’t have to fight the rush hour traffic getting to the appeals office in Philly. When I was leaving the hospital I explained the plan to Corey. “I’m going into see Caitlin and I’ll be back tomorrow, okay”? She pointed her finger NO. I instantly cried out to her, “Now don’t say no…I promise I will be back tomorrow. Pinky swear”. She extended her pinky and we “shook” on it. Then I repeated my statement, “I’m leaving now but I promise I will be back tomorrow, now show me Okay”…I was waiting for a thumb up when to my surprise Corey lifted her hand, made a circle with her pointer and thumb extending her other three fingers…she gave me the OK sign and SMILED!

Corey you little bugger! You were teasing me and let me know it. AND you had another first! You haven’t shown us the OK sign until today. You are so darn funny…you got me with that little impish grin.
I was thinking of your smile and OK on the drive into Philly. That smile of yours fills my heart with joy. When you show me something as simple as an OK my spirit is renewed with Hope and confidence for your recovery. Tomorrow is a big day but your response to me sent a special message. Whatever happens tomorrow you will be OK; we will be OK. I love you, xoxo