Hi Everyone,

Corey had a full day of therapy which ended with nerve blocks to the right leg. By the time I arrived the poor little girl was wiped out! Her blocks from last week have improved the stretch in the left leg which is why they decided to proceed to the right. The doctor suggests the therapists focus on the soft tissue stretches rather than the muscle stretches for the next few weeks. The right leg is the better leg but it should also improve its range now that she has received the blocks.

Tonight was shower night and the Phillies. We also had a chance to skype Marjy. As soon as Marjy said hello, Corey raised her right hand and waved to Marjy. We chatted about all the grandkids. Marjy told us that Meghan went all out for the royal wedding (they live in London) She started her day in a diaper and tiara, moved to a Minnie Mouse costume and for the ceremony changed into her Cinderella gown. Corey was all smiles listening to the crazy Meghan stories. Marjy moved onto Justin, Liam and the “Tommy’s”…we have 7, 4 in just their family! Corey loves to hear stories about the little ones. Marjy was also tormenting Corey about the Phillies vs Mets vs Yankees. Needless to say, Corey only gave the thumb up for the Phils! We were teasing and asked Corey what she really wanted to say to Marjy…she raised her hand and gave Marjy the sign for “I love you”.

We closed our skype call with a wave goodbye but then I asked Corey if she could blow Marjy a kiss. (I have never asked her this before. Frankly, I just wondered if she could do it especially since her right arm has been so mobile)

Corey pulled her right arm and pointer finger to her mouth. She traced the shape of her mouth several times and tapped her lips a few times. I thought that was all we were going to get and commented, “you’re getting lots of kisses Marjy”; when suddenly Corey pulled her finger away from her lips, fully extended her arm and touched the computer screen to give Marjy her kiss! We were amazed…another 1st!

It was time for me to leave and Corey was too tired to try to keep me with her tonight. I sat on the side of her bed to her right. As we said our goodnight ritual I asked her if she would give me a hug. I leaned towards her. She reached her right arm up, placed the palm of her hand on my left ear grasping the back of my head and pulled me towards her chest. As I laid my head on her chest I felt the warmth of her hand, closed my eyes and listened to her heartbeat.

Corey I have wanted to feel your embrace for months.
Thank you for my hug!