Hi Everyone,

Corey had a busy day and we had a nice evening together! A second homecare agency came to meet us at Bryn Mawr. It’s a smaller agency and they’re not sure they have the staffing to cover the hours we need. This will be the issue with most of the healthcare agencies. Covering the amount of hours we need is the first hurdle and the second piece is our location, which is a deterrent for most. The next and probably most important interviews will be for the agencies that are for PT/OT and Speech therapies. Rumor has it, there might only be one to choose…lets hope it’s well staffed!

Corey has a new roommate a few years older than she is. Our new roommate and her mother were having a girl’s night. One television had Dancing with the Stars and the other had the Phillies game on. At one point, our roommate’s mother asked where Corey got her big blue eyes. I shared with her that I always thought she looked like my niece Jennifer. But Corey’s eyelashes are long and curly; it looks like she has mascara on but she’s natural, curls and all.

As I was speaking, Corey lifted her hand to her chin, then mouth, then cheek and finally with her pointer finger, pointed to her eyes. Just as she hit her nose, Pat the night nurse came in. She took one look at Corey pointing and said, “Hey Corey, what are you doing? Picking your nose”? With that, Corey smiled. We cracked up! Pat came and leaned on Corey’s chair. She asked her to point to her eyes. Sure enough, Corey pointed to Pat’s eyes. I asked, “Where’s Corey’s eyes”, her hand moved right back to point to herself. I then asked where is Mom, she not only pointed, she turned her head to look at me. Pat threw in the next one…”who’s the bigger pain in the butt, me or mom”? Her little hand was pointing but stayed in the neutral position when all of sudden, I got the point!!! She didn’t miss a trick, she knew just what was going on and she had all smiles as she had the chance to torment me!

You have my permission Corey…Keep it up,,,! Happy dreams sweetie!, xoxo