Hi Everyone,

It was so nice to spend the evening with Corey. We had time outside, she enjoyed her spa night and we watched a little baseball. For those of you that are local, you’re probably confused because the Phillies didn’t play tonight. Keep in mind Corey is a true baseball fan! She watched all the games. She could share player statistics for both the National and American Leagues. Tonight we watched the Sox lose! I called Corey’s cousin Billy, who lives in Boston, on my way home. Billy and Corey are very close, more like siblings than cousins. They torment each other especially over the Boston/Philadelphia sports teams. Needless to say, I’m sure that Corey enjoyed the game more than Billy did.

We had an interesting interaction tonight. I was telling Corey about the changes we were planning to make to the house and she was getting upset. Corey grinds her teeth when she’s upset. She actually demonstrated what appeared to be anger. We worked through the emotion, calming her down. Before I realized it visiting hours were over. Corey was settled, tucked in, calmer and watching her game.

I typically kiss Corey goodnight on the forehead and her left cheek as I’m getting ready to leave. When I give her a kiss, she doesn’t move her head. She typically will fixate her gaze towards the right. As I said our goodnight, Corey moved her head towards the left, cheek meeting mine and then held the posture. It felt as if she was trying to hug me before I left. It actually reminded me of the arguments we would have. We’d argue and before we went to bed, Corey would come and sit on my lap and give me a big hug. I’m not sure what she was angry about earlier, but I swear she was trying to make up. It was the first time I experienced such a deliberate movement that to me was sharing on an intimate level.

Corey, I have to say, I miss your hugs kiddo. Don’t be afraid of expressing yourself. Let yourself be moved. Yes, it will hurt sometimes; but far deeper if you build an impenetrable wall around yourself. Let your emotions reach into you. You have what it takes to handle the experience. You were born not to hide but to live. Anyone who knows you will agree, when you walked into a room the energy changed. Go ahead and laugh, go ahead and cry. Someday you will jump, hug and sing, run and dance and shout. You still have that energy to live your life. You show it everyday!

PS – Rest well little one, tomorrow we are going to continue to exercise and work on stretching those arms because I want a big hug by Mother’s Day! xoxo