Hi Everyone,
As our renovations begin, the next step in Corey’s recovery path is becoming very real. I was sharing with friends today that I am nervous, intimidated and scared to think about bringing her home. These emotions are predicated on the unknowns. I ask myself, how could I have a sense of security, confidence or comfort moving forward when each day brings something different ~ both good and bad. That being said, let’s put those insecurities in perspective. Truthfully Corey’s health has nothing to do with what unfolds naturally each day. Her health issues may contribute to them but are not the cause of them.

For me the best way to overcome intimidating thoughts, doubts and concerns is to turn it around and look at what I can be grateful for. Tonight I sat for a long time looking at the physical changes that have begun to ready our home for Corey. The friends that have come out to help to make this conversion possible have been amazing. I sat alone in the silence of our home and for the first time in 6 months I am calm and feel a sense of comfort. That is the direct result of the people that have come into our lives to help us. Am I scared of the unknown, absolutely! But tonight as I thought of each person that came to help, I had a thankful heart. Replaying the weekend’s activities, I felt more joy and abundance. This new life of ours is tough and it’s not what we had hoped for or dreamed of, but how can we not feel truly blessed because of each person we’re sharing our journey with?

Corey, sometimes when it seems that everything is working against you, you have to stop and choose to focus on the many aspects of your life that you can be truly thankful for. A few of your blessings will be obvious, and yet most of them are still waiting to be uncovered. Look within; you will be surprised. Your heart will be filled with gratitude and you’ll start seeing a whole new set of workable ways to move positively forward. Whenever, wherever you choose gratitude, it always makes life better!

I love you. Happy dreams, xoxo