Hi Everyone,

What an amazing day! First of all, Corey’s “other mother’s…and back up dad” reported a good day. She was alert, interactive and most importantly content with her “family” spending the day with her.

At home the volunteers showed up en-mass! At one point we had too many hands and not enough work. I didn’t take into consideration a crucial piece of this overall project…paint needs to dry. Those of you who are now giggling probably also know that this detail wasn’t a consideration for my plan since I’m not very patient and don’t wait for anything! My mother used to tease me about my patience. She would say that I was given challenges to teach me patience. My retort was simple, “God is absolutely right! I have no patience, so give me what I want and lets move on”…needless to say, we have to wait for the paint to dry and tomorrow is another day.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU to all of the people that showed up today to help, move furniture, tape, paint, work upstairs, downstairs and the basement! I am completely overwhelmed by the love, support and friendship that has come from so many.

Tomorrow, the ramp crew arrives at 7am…we have our crew covered but anyone that wants to help paint, our “foreman” Brian will be here by 11:30 to direct our volunteers.
We hope to get Phase One complete by tomorrow night. Thank you to the mom/dad crew. Knowing Corey was with you gave me peace of mind to be away from her.

I’m signing off early because quite frankly, I’m exhausted! Corey I really missed being with you today but I was relaxed knowing your were with your “other mothers…and back up dad.”

PS – Dan and Corey watched the Phillies and he reported that she gave a thumb up when they won!