Hi Everyone,

Corey had a busy day. She was definitely more tired this evening than I’ve seen her recently. Monday’s are rough for everyone! After her shower she took a nice rest.

We are trying to enhance the skills the team is trying to develop during the day for Corey. I purchased felt bowling pins in primary colors. The shape of the pin will help Corey with her gross motor control. The felt will help with tactile stimulation. The primary colors will help her with color recognition. As we ask the questions that lead to differentiating color we continue to build on her YES/NO responses. The pins will also be used for target practice for her kicking responses as well.

Tonight Corey held the pin, followed “reach” (full extension) and “lift” (retracting to her chin). This is the motion needed to feed herself too! She also visually tracked the difference between the blue and red pin…And you all think we just lay around watching TV at night! This actually was an exhausting exercise for her but she did well for our first night.

Corey, never has it been more important to try something new, think out of the box and really push that envelope! Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote;

That which we persist in doing
becomes easier for us to do; not that the nature
of the thing itself is changed, but that our power
to do is increased.

Try to remember that just about everything new that you attempt is going to be difficult at first. You don’t know how much time your recovery will take or what you can expect? I’m sure you’re not sure you can do it.

Keep doing what you do best; jump right in and try. Take the first step anyway; even if you think you can’t. That first step may be awkward and slow, but you will learn from it. Each time you try, each time you make the effort, you will surprise yourself.

Do you remember coming home and telling me you wanted to join Track and Field? You surprised me because you hated to run but you wanted to throw the javelin. When you tried out, the coach put you on the shot put team. No one expected a “little girl” to throw a shot put. Because of your upper body strength, from being a base for cheerleading, you crushed your competition in events! Who knew?!?
You have never been afraid to try anything Corey! You’ve always been ready to jump in. This is no different kiddo…Time to GO FOR IT! xoxo