YUP, Caitlin hijacked the Carepage again.

Dear supportive family members, friends, and dedicated fans:

Corey had a good day. Today was another day of blowing up the doctor’s expectations, kicking the nurses’ butts, and heading in the right direction. So, since there is no breaking news to report and an army of dedicated Corey fans to keep happy, I decided to take today to mix it up a bit and give my mother a literary break. So now, for your reading pleasure, here are some funny things about Corey that I bet you didn’t know….

– Has an unhealthy addiction to avocados that lead to a failed attempt to grow her own avocado tree.

– Once thought she invented the peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

– Spent a large period of her childhood flushing her underwear down the toilet. The Septic System replacement of 2009 is believed to be caused by a surplus of Pocahontas underwear.

– She loves to go shopping and looks good in everything, but only buys blue clothing?

– She hates to read. Last summer she paid me to do her summer reading assignment. I believe she received an ‘A’.

– She consistently underestimated the width of her head when she was little. She got her head stuck in some of the strangest places. These places include, but are not limited to: Burger King Play Palace, the Nutt’s backyard fort, our foyer banister, and the Phoenix International Airport.

– If given the choice of any restaurant for dinner, she would choose Wawa.

– She once decided that her wedding song would be Cheap Trick’s ‘I want you to want me’. After telling her that would be a terrible song to represent her new marriage, she changed it to Queen’s ‘Another Bites the Dust’. We had to explain the concept a third time until she finally figured it out.

– As a Libra, she can be easily persuaded to do things. Personally, I convinced her to do some terrible things including: drinking chocolate water, eating Chapstick, using her as human measuring stick to see how deep the creek was, climb onto the roof to retrieve lost tennis balls, baseballs, etc. (NOTE: I wasn’t alone in these missions, JohnPaul and our neighborhood gang were also largely at fault.)

– She made a vow to have kids before me, so that her kids can beat my kids up.

There are thousands of things I could say, but I should probably stop at ten before I get in trouble. (Hopefully I haven’t revealed too much…) The most important thing about this list is that for every person who reads it, they will think of their own list of memories they shared with Corey. What an amazing thing to say about someone. That’s our Corey.

Goodnight, happy dreams, etc.