Hi Everyone,

Today we had a special visitor! Roxie came to see Corey. It was adorable. At first, Corey didn’t quite know what to do with her. She was a bit tense and even looked a little sad. We placed Roxie on Corey’s lap. Needless to say, Corey’s eyes were wide open as if to say, “what the heck is going on” but she adjusted quickly and we think we even got a smile. Corey extended her arm and opened her hand to pet Roxie. We honestly felt like the experience was enjoyable for her.

Corey, I’m sure Roxie brought back so many memories. Watching you with her gave us such joy. It was an experience that created a new event that will become a memory for us. Every day presents us with new opportunities to make new memories. Every moment is our chance for a fresh start. It’s great when we remember how good life has been. It’s even better to know, again and again in every moment, how truly good life is. The more good things we experience, the more good things there are to be experienced. We are going to keep looking forward to what is yet to be.

Happy dreams sweetie, we love you! xoxo