Hi Everyone,

Today we split up the team. John went to the hospital to stay with Corey and my sister-in-law Marjy and I went home to tackle some reorganization and get some rest.

John reported that Corey had a good day. She was responsive, humming and enjoyed hanging out. Marjy and I caught up on the mail, bills and organizing the “I’ll get to that later” piles. We didn’t bring Roxie home but Amelia loved having us in the house!

Marjy and I missed being with you today. We were talking about you, how well you’re doing and what an incredible community we live in. We are so blessed to have the support that has rallied around us since your accident.

The people we work for, our customers, vendors, professional advisors and all the other contacts we have through our work. And add all the people we’ve worked with in the past. We can’t forget family – and ours is huge! Thank goodness for parents, uncles, aunts, grandparents, cousins, in-laws, nephews, brothers, sisters, nieces, children and everyone else in our family. Add to that all our friends and acquaintances, no matter how old or how long it’s been since we’ve seen them. Don’t forget all the people we knew in college and high school. A thousand names come to mind as this list is written and we are grateful for everyone! I can’t help but think of the old movie, ‘It’s a wonderful Life’.

Our strength comes from each of these individuals. Each person is a link in the chain that helps us hold on and gives us the encouragement to keep pushing forward. Together we’ll do it kiddo. Together with the 1,000 + army of angels that are with us.

To our Angels,
Thank you. We can’t do this without you! Happy dreams, xoxo