Hi Everyone,

Traumatic Brain Injury is not only a complex diagnosis but the steps needed to assist in the healing and recovery is even more intricate. It’s a delicate balance of clinical and therapeutic strategies. TBI varies with each patient. There is no timeline nor are there tried and true practices that give assurance that recovery will be achieved.

Timelines are an interesting concept. Time is a tool created by man to help make sense of the universe. Truthfully, time is an illusion based on expectations and standards set by others. When the expectation of accomplishing a task doesn’t fall into the timeframe to reward the desired goal, then time becomes emotional. There’s stress, pressure, worry and anxiety. It’s easy to get lost in this cycle. The reality is there is no control over time or healing. However, there is a great deal of strength that can be gained from emotions. Emotions are good. Negative emotions can be a motivator. Positive emotions can be inspiring and often are addictive if shared effectively.

We all face challenges everyday. Are they all the same severity, absolutely not, but that doesn’t mean they should be diminished by comparison. What we face each day doesn’t have to be traumatic or life changing.

Where does the marathon runner get their burst of energy to finish the last mile when they are physically exhausted? How does the Boxer lift their arms to execute the knock out punch when their muscles feel as if they are a thousand pounds? Why do the cancer patients sit through chemo knowing that it will make them physically ill? How does the parent comforting an infant with colic overcome sleep deprivation while working fulltime? How does the sole provider struggling to find work care for their family?
How do we reconcile our healing process without comparing ourselves to those around us that are accelerating?

The answer is different for each of us. There is no handbook, set of rules, or written guidelines. There is one constant we do have; we’re not alone. Speak and act from your heart. One day you might reach out to someone in need and the next day someone might reach out to you because you’re the one in need. The direction of the compassion, empathy and kindness doesn’t matter. What does matter is the gift of inner strength that is given and received with each interaction. The kindness shared or accepted is the seed. Friendship from strangers, neighbors and family adds the nourishment needed to grow confidence that “we can do this”…we can take one more step, throw one more punch, fight one more day, make one more call; knowing that rest and reward is coming because we are in this together.

Corey you were tired today. The last three days you’ve been physically sick from your afternoon medications. Don’t worry; we’re right by your side. Together we’ll work on the balance so you can regain your strength and continue your healing. Rest assured you’re not alone. Keep “talking” to us because we’re listening and dedicated to helping you recover. We love you Corey! Happy dreams, xoxo