Hi Everyone,

What a beautiful day. I was like a little kid watching the clock waiting for the dismissal bell to ring! As soon as my work was finished I headed to the hospital; windows down, radio turned up as high as it could go, playing Bob Seger’s ‘Roll me Away’. Riding along singing reminded me of the trip Corey and I took last July to Johnson & Wales. We entertained ourselves the whole ride singing and dancing in the car. We couldn’t go for a car ride today but Corey and I did go for a long walk. It was beautiful.

Tonight, we tried something new. I created a large YES and NO sign. We worked with YES only. I showed Corey the sign and told her ‘this word spells YES’. Then I asked her, ‘how do you say YES?’ She raised her thumb. Excellent! I raised the card and asked, ‘what does this word say?’ She raised her thumb. I lowered the card and chatted about something off topic and then tested her again. Raising the card, I asked her what it said. Thumbs Up! Corey repeated this with accuracy 10 times!

Corey is trying to manipulate her tongue to formulate words and for the first time, she hummed as she was making the motions to speak. She is trying so hard to communicate!

The doctors, nurses and therapists are beginning to see a marked improvement in Corey’s responses. Julia told me this evening that the Doctors are very excited about her progress and alertness. They added a second stimulant on Tuesday. She’s responding so well they increased the dosage Thursday. Her CRS score has been getting stronger and they are going to continue to tweak her cocktail to help get her “over the hump”.

We are so excited for the warm weather. It means it’s almost time for the Phillies opening day, visits to the beach, dinners on the back deck and seeing friends. Speaking of the Phillies…Uncle Tom called today. He is down in Clearwater and was going to a pre-season game. He wanted Corey to know that he didn’t know who the Phillies were going to play (he’s not a big baseball fan) but he was going to sit in the stands and yell, “GO METS”…he loves to torment this girl!!!

Corey, this weekend I’m running home to get your Phillies shirts so you’re ready to watch your team. We are so excited to see your progress. It’s especially exciting to hear you impress the Doctor’s!!

Honey, the only way to fail is to give up. Whatever comes, whatever happens, keep going. There is a secret to persistence…when you hear that little voice that tells you not to quit, let it have its say but then move forward anyway. It’s overwhelming when you look at the big picture. We’re not ready for that view. All we need to look at is the amazing achievements you’re making today. We are so proud of you! Happy dreams, xoxo