Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

I am happy to say that Corey is giving us all a Valentine’s gift today…it’s not the zebra/tiger box of candy either!

When we arrived this afternoon, Corey had a late afternoon PT session. We went into the gym but couldn’t find her. There was a patient just coming off the mat and another peddling the bike. Looking around we couldn’t believe our eyes, Corey was the cyclist! The therapist pushed her wheelchair to face the front of the bike. With her sneakers on, they placed her feet in the stirrups and off she went. She was “riding” for 10 minutes! We asked the therapist if the machine was doing the work or was it Corey. They said that the machine has a motor but it also indicates the patient’s participation and she was definitely participating. You can only imagine what an amazing site this was for us to witness!

Tomorrow is another big day for her. Corey has been approved as a candidate for a muscle block procedure on both her legs. Her tone in her ankles and feet has increased. The brain is overloading the messages to the muscles which contributes to the tone (stiffness) of the muscles. First the therapist measures the range in her ankles and feet. The physician then locates specific nerve endings. They inject a nova cane-like medication that will block the nerve ending. This is temporary and will only last for 2-4 hours. During that time, the therapists try to increase the flexibility and range of the ankles and feet. If Corey responds well and increases her range, they will recommend a longer lasting block. It will hopefully get the maximum amount of flexibility so PT can facilitate more bike riding and hopefully walking. IF it does not increase range, it will tell the physician and therapists that the tone is actually a contracture and will be a limiting factor to her PT.

Corey I’m not sure what your full day was like but from what we saw you continue to get stronger and surprise us! Each day you are showing us something new. Thank you for today’s gift. We love you so much. Happy dreams, xoxo