Hi Everyone,

We had a wonderful weekend. Corey looks great and continues to show us something new each day.

Corey yawns a lot. We’ve found that the yawning is not from being tired, but a means to get oxygen or energy to initiate a big movement.
Today in PT as Corey sat on the bolster, her therapist, Jen, moved a table in front of her. Corey looked like she was sitting at her desk in school. We showed her colored bean bags. Corey visually tracked the bags as we held them in front of her and moved them down to the top right surface of the table. Jen helped Corey reach forward to put her hand on the bean bag and then asked Corey to pull the bag toward her belly. Corey began to move the bag closer but stalled. Jen encouraged her to give a big push to pull the bag. With a big yawn, her hand swept across the rest of the table top to her belly! She responded with the same motions four out of four times!

We moved to the exercise mat for some stretching. Corey’s foot doesn’t rest even when she’s on her stomach. Her right foot instantly popped up and down as she rested on her belly supporting her weight on her elbows. Jen asked her to pop up her left foot. I shared with Jen that Corey uses her right foot to help the left foot move. Jen crossed Corey’s feet, left over right. She asked Corey to use her right foot to lift the left 10 times then rest. Corey effortlessly repeated her directive with perfect accuracy.

Corey tomorrow brings a new week. I’m a little anxious about the uncertainty of decisions others will be making for us, but the one thought that keeps me grounded is your progress. When I become overwhelmed and allow my thoughts to spin out of control, I stop, close my eyes, take a breath and rewind our day in my minds eye. I ask myself, ‘What were the good things that happened today’?

I watch you lift your arm and kick your leg. I remember the nurses and therapists interacting with you watching their excitement with each of your achievements. I can’t help but smile thinking of them smiling at you! Rewinding the day is comforting and prepares me for tomorrow. I will try very hard to only prepare for tomorrow! I hope you sleep well honey. You had another good day. We are so proud of you.
Happy Dreams, xoxo