Hi Everyone,

Today was incredibly frustrating. We are in a very precarious position. Each week we sit and wait for a judgment that will determine our direction for yet another week.

Corey frustration is maddening and uncomfortable, but it’s also an unmistakable sign that things could be better. And though we may be completely unable to change the outside circumstances, at the very least we can change our perspective and our thinking.

Instead of becoming overwhelmed by frustration, let’s make it motivate us! This frustration can lead us to some positive, valuable action. I watch you push through your sessions, working each day to communicate and always showing a willingness to try something new. It makes you stronger which will help you to make even greater strides towards your recovery. For me, it forces me to continue to educate myself and think of alternative questions, always pushing to achieve our goal; the best care possible for full recovery. It is driving me to find an alternative not only for us, but for all families that suffer from a traumatic injury.

Our action may end up bringing great value to other people. Or it may simply be a positive change in our own perspective, which is also of value. We have to keep an open mind and heart on this one.

Frustration gets our attention because it is uncomfortable. Yet once frustration has our attention, we have to look for the positive value that hides within it. It might be just what we need to discover new opportunities. Nothing is impossible; there are always possibilities! Happy dreams, xoxo