Hi Everyone,

We have a little information tonight on Corey’s team meeting and the CT from Monday. Unfortunately, Dr. Long was off site this afternoon however Brian did give me a brief highlight from the morning rounds. Details have to come from Dr. Long.

It appears that the ventricles are smaller since the shunt was turned on. Dr. Long did not adjust her on Friday, he wanted to wait until today, we’re not sure of the setting but there is at least one more adjustment expected.

As far as her CRS score, as of yesterday she was still at a 12…not great, they were hoping for a few more points. They are going to test her tomorrow and hope for at least a 13 before they have to call Insurance tomorrow afternoon. We will not know the Insurance’s approval or denial response until Thursday.

The therapists report that Corey is at status quo however they have seen some new activity that’s intriguing. Speech is diligently working on the YES button response. Her targeting is inconsistent but she seems to be recognizing the procedure. She has been vocalizing and her humming is starting to present inflections in her tone.

OT/PT have seen some motion with her fingers, lifting individual fingers on both hands, lifting/moving her left arm and attempting to lift/move her right arm. To switch it up a bit, PT tilted Corey back in her chair and alternated holding the ball infront of her asking, “kick the ball with your toe”; with holding the ball above her asking, “lift your knee and hit the ball”. She was 4/4 in her response. Natalie also has been working with Corey to stand upright. This takes 3 therapists! As they get Corey to stand, her right foot lifts and moves forward. If she’s moving, Natalie’s going with it…they are trying to get her to take a step. Her left foot isn’t cooperating as well as the right foot. Natalie’s not sure if Corey’s motion is reflexive or deliberate. My response, “You won’t know unless you try”! “So keep trying…”

I received a special email today from a girl that went to school with Corey but is now attending a private school in Wilmington. She recently heard of Corey’s accident. For two weeks in April the students pay $2 each to wear “Street” clothes vs. their uniform. This year the school is going to donate their collection to Corey.

Corey each day that we sign on to the CarePage or to your Care for Corey Facebook page, it amazes me how many people you have touched. I think back to a conversation we had in late September about graduation and planning early for your graduation party. You told me you didn’t want one because you thought no one would come. I’m not sure what you can see or hear, but I hope you can feel the love and friendship of all the people that think of you every day. I hope you can hear the messages I read to you. I especially hope that one day all these friends will see you at your party walking, talking, smiling, laughing and celebrating your love for them. You are loved more than you know Corey girl! Happy dreams, xoxo