Hi Everyone,

Corey was sent to Paoli this morning for her CT scan. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it back to the hospital in time tonight to meet with Dr. Long to discuss the results. The therapists had her communication book in the gym, so I guess we all have to wait until tomorrow to see how well she did with her day.

We had a good evening together. Corey was very alert and relaxed. We meandered all around the hospital until shower time. Tonight, I was the Spa therapist! We had a great time. I turned up the heat and put on her “Shower Mix” from her Ipod and we cranked the tunes! (It reminded me of Ashley from Christiana’s ICU) She appeared to enjoy the music and the warmth of the shower. For the first time, I think I even saw a little smile! I’m not as fast as the nurses. I think I worried them a little, they knocked twice to make sure we were okay…I assured them we were and I started singing again.

Monday night means time for Cake Boss. Rachel Ray was featured on Buddy’s show tonight. Corey was positioned on her back with her leg braces on. It’s amazing, but she can lift that leg and move it with all that extra weight. I started to notice a pattern of movement as we were watching. When there was a commercial, Corey would bend and straighten her leg repeatedly. When the show came on she would lift her leg to bend at the knee. She didn’t try to straighten her leg; instead she would rock her knee side to side. As soon as the commercial came on, out that leg went again! I brought Nick in to watch. There was a definite pattern in her concentration in watching her show and her movement.

Corey, its fun to spend time with you. I love to watch you enjoy your favorite shows. Did you like the fact that Buddy and Rachel were both on? Or did you want a piece of the amazing cakes that were featured? One of the prayers I have for you is that you will get back in “Your” kitchen. I know you enjoyed cooking more than baking, but I remember you made some killer brownies. Ricky and Caitlin are still talking about your “Give-me-s’more” pie! Someday sweetie, you will be back creating new dishes and desserts. Until then we will keep reading cookbooks and watch our favorite cooking shows. Sleep well. I hope you dream up wonderful recipes, xoxo