Hi everyone,

Like a long distance runner we look for the mile markers. We’ve hit the 4 month milestone. When the neurosurgeon first told us that we’d be looking at a year or 18 months to see where Corey would begin her true recovery, I remember thinking, ‘Okay, that’s not too long’. Think of how fast a year goes…Then we began to live each day.

There is a reason people focus on One Day at a Time! It’s been 124 days since the accident. There are times we let our mind look to the future but those thoughts are futile when we are guaranteed that anything can change that view. There are times we let our mind look to the past. Look back but don’t stare, that view is too painful. We need to keep our mind’s eye focused on today.

This experience, like so many challenges all of us face, has got to be handled one day at a time; sometimes one minute at a time. To say this challenge has been overwhelming is an understatement. Emotionally, spiritually and physically it’s taking its toll. The trick is to look for what will help us Just for Today. The reality is we can endure anything if we know we only have to get through 24 hours.

My trick; search for today’s inspiration. Today’s answer; a website posting titled “inspirational quote #124”.
It read; ‘Let the lord fight your battles, deal with your problems & direct your decisions…When you have done your best, trust the lord to do the rest’.

I’ve always said God has a sense of humor. It never fails; I’m sent messages I need that will keep me taking one more step forward!
Just for today, I turn over the worry about Corey’s recovery. Just for today, I turn over the fear of how long she will stay here and the anxiety of where she will go next.

Corey, we’ve done our best today. All we have to do is focus on being present. What a beautiful view I have looking at your blue eyes and long curly lashes. I am content knowing you are comfortable and relaxed. It makes me smile watching your foot dance, feeling the warmth of your hand in mine and enjoying the moment we’re in. As I kiss you goodnight I truly feel your skin. I’m conscious not to take the touch for granted. We are so lucky to have this time! Happy dreams, xoxo