Corey had a good day. PT/OT/Speech reported similar activities and responses to commands. Tonight, she was alternately positioned on her right and left side and her right leg never stopped moving! She must be exercising gearing up for tomorrow’s workout in the gym.

Speaking of tomorrow, Corey’s therapists will be “teaming” her. After they compare notes the case manager will be calling the insurance company to get this week’s approval. This is protocol at the rehab. Although we received an extension until February 2nd, the insurance company can deny her stay anytime before that date. If they do, that date will be a firm discharge if they don’t feel that progress she made this week meets their criteria. We can appeal, but there are never any guarantees. Say a prayer tonight that her review goes well…throw a few extra’s in there for the insurance Dr. to “hear” the progress she’s making.

Speaking of no guarantee’s, let’s not lose sight of the daily progress and activity that no one could tell us would ever happen for her again.
Each time she moves a finger, foot, leg, opens her mouth, blinks or responds to a command she is showing signs that she is healing and the brain is reconnecting. This is what is most important!

Corey you are getting stronger everyday. Your body is healing itself and regaining strength. As you workout, push through your fatigue and frustration, you will continue to build on each day. We’ve heard it before; it’s a marathon not a race. There might be some hurdles to jump over, but no matter where we are on the track we’ve got teammates to help. Remember, ultimately there’s not stop watch. The four walls may change but not our goal…your recovery. We will always be right along side of you!
Happy dreams honey, xoxo