Hi Everyone,

It was a good weekend filled with family, friends, and progress. How could we ask for more? Okay, we can and we will…

Uncle Tom, Aunt Marjy and I went into Philly to have brunch with JohnPaul and Caitlin. We had a great visit and then we came out to see Corey. Tom and Marjy train guide dogs. Corey met “Pride”, their new puppy, before they headed back to NY. As Pride was licking Corey and wagging her tail, we told Corey about Roxie and Amelia meeting their new friend last night when we got home. Roxie tolerated Pride, but Amelia had heart failure and took off. She disappeared to my room until we left this morning. The rehab has guide dogs come in everyday. Its wonderful therapy and there is nothing like seeing a happy puppy! Corey seemed to enjoy meeting Pride.

OT reported a good session. They focused on range of motion today with a little soccer practice thrown in at the end. Corey must show each existing movement is improving as well as present new movements. She certainly did a little of that this weekend but we still need more. Tonight she was sitting in her chair and I have never seen her legs (yes, both legs) as active as they were tonight! Please pray for new movements and sounds so Corey can begin to tell everyone just how much she loves Bryn Mawr!

Corey, you are doing a great job. Keep moving kiddo…before long you’ll be walking in the mall again! Think “shoes”…Happy dreams sweetie, xoxo