Hi Everyone,
The team meeting was held. The staff felt that Corey has made some progress, however, not necessarily “functional” progress. Our case manager put in the call to Blue Cross for this weeks certification but she didn’t reach anyone directly. So we wait one more day for the verdict for this week’s approval.

Uncertainty can be frightening, uncomfortable and even painful. Someone reminded me of the following quotes, ‘Courage is not the absence of fear’. ‘Those with the most courage also know the greatest fear’. ‘Action does not assure success, and yet directed, focused action is the only way to achieve success’. ‘Life is a process of successfully dealing with uncertainty’.

This experience is definitely a lesson in dealing with uncertainty. I’m not comfortable with the word ‘Successfully’ attached to that quote. Uncertainty naturally fosters fear and worry. For me, this is when ‘focused action’ comes in to play. We have two choices with those emotions; Sit in it or look for a way to get out of it. I think of Corey’s ring, “Nothing is Impossible”. That makes me wonder “What is possible and how do we make it work”? We are fighting to keep her in this wonderful facility but simultaneously researching where we will go if we are denied by insurance and have to move on to the next step in this recovery journey. More uncertainty but we do have choices and possibilities!

Corey what is possible? Anything is possible! Look at what you’ve already overcome and the progress you’ve made in the last 10 days. As you continue to heal, you will show us something new each day, each week, each month. Corey you are a great example of the quotes above. You inspire us to have Courage when we feel fear. You continue your focused action and don’t worry about anything but getting stronger. We love you.
Happy dreams, xoxo