Hi Everyone,

I know this post is later than normal but it’s not my fault! My brother Tom (aka Uncle Tom the Great) and my sister-in-law Marjy came down to visit Corey. We have been staying up chatting. They had a very nice visit with her; of course Tom was tormenting Corey the whole time. For those of you who don’t know, Corey is a vegetarian. Tom affectionately nicknamed her “MEAT” (FYI-he doesn’t eat vegetables). He told her that he had a chicken and bacon sandwich for lunch in her honor. Coming from NY, he wanted to see if he’d get a reaction by telling her that the Phillies were sold and moving to Brooklyn and some of the players were traded to the Mets. Corey literally rolled and closed her eyes…she was not falling for it!

Tonight I have some very exciting news to share. Corey had OT this morning. Ann, the therapist read about Corey’s progress with kicking. Corey was very consistent with commands to kick the right leg. To our surprise, she decided to show us what she could do with the left! She lifted her left knee off the mat and pulled her left leg back as if she was getting ready to wind up for a kick forward. She didn’t follow through but the fact that she moved her left leg is a 1st! That’s how the right leg started a few weeks ago.

As therapy progressed, Ann asked me what we work on at night with Corey. I shared that the long blinks may be confusing now that she’s tracking and closing her eyes to move them to the left. The responses are inconsistent. We started working with her fingers to get movement hoping that we can communicate via hand motions. I commented that I sometimes feel like I’m seeing the responses I want to see but I swear she’s trying to move her fingers. Ann wanted to try. Corey was looking directly at me (her focus was centered) I asked, ‘Corey, wiggle your fingers’…we ask once and then have to wait 30 to 60 seconds for her response to qualify as a true command response. Within a few seconds, she moved 3 of the 5 fingers ever so slightly. We continued. Each request was a stronger, more deliberate motion. She responded 5 out of 5 times! I was so excited I had to jump up and give her a kiss and hug!

Corey you were amazing today. Waiting for your response feels like 30 hours but you are responding more quickly with each request. I hope you’re feeling stronger and more confident with each achievement. It’s indescribable to witness the little motions building from one day to the next. Keep it up honey, remember what Uncle Tom promised; when you’re up and around he’s going to eat nothing but vegetables for a week! Sleep well, you can include thoughts of cooking brussel sprouts for Uncle Tom the Great.
Happy Dreams, xoxo