Hi Everyone,

Our girl had a full day! PT/OT reported good sessions today. PT tried some new stances with Corey. They placed her on her stomach and then brought her to an upright kneeling position. This takes leg, hip, neck, and trunk control. Corey did very well.

OT reported an exciting addition to the command responses. We started a communication book several weeks ago. PT/OT/Speech writes a sentence or two about Corey’s sessions. In the evening, I write what we observe. It helps us know what Corey has done during the day while we are at work and the therapists get a sense of what we see at night. Often patients will “do things” for their family that they don’t usually do in the gym. Last night I wrote in her book that we were working on moving her left hand and trying for thumbs up. Today OT asked Corey to wiggle her fingers. They said it was the smallest motion, but she did in fact move three of her fingers on her left hand! She responded to the command twice!!

When I arrived tonight, Speech was working with Corey to open her mouth to the cold spoon test. This session Jessica, the therapist, used Apple Juice ~ Corey’s favorite. Corey was kicking her foot as she was in her wheelchair. Jessica took advantage of the movement and held bells out in front of Corey. She not only asked her to kick the bells, she held the bells beyond Corey’s radius. Jessica asked her to reach with her leg to try to kick the bells. Corey pulled her foot back, lifted her knee from the seat and kicked forward…she also held the extension for a few seconds in order to “reach” the bells.
Jessica was overwhelmed by Corey’s progress. She hugged me and cried…so did I!

After Corey’s shower, a old girlfriend came to visit. Her visit was filled with stories of “remember when…” There were many stories to choose from since the girls have been friends since 1st grade. Corey’s full day used all her energy. She was very tired and closed the evening with the lights off, her music on and we held hands as I watched her fall asleep. When I watch her sleep I think of something my mother used to tell me when I’d complain after a long day with the kids. She’d say, “You know why you go into your child’s room to watch them sleep?” I curiously answered, “No, why”? Mom simply stated, “They are so beautiful and peaceful when they’re sleeping. God sends you in to watch them so you’ll keep them one more day”! Mom’s humor still makes me smile as I watch her sleep.

Corey you’re definitely a keeper! It’s very exciting to hear and watch your new achievements. I especially love the therapist’s responses to you. You are a very special young lady. You touch each person you meet and your fan club is growing girlfriend! Happy dreams, xoxo