Hi Everyone,

You all need to know that our little girl has AMAZING stamina!
What a day…3 ½ hours of therapy, brace fittings, removal of the staples from the cranioplasty and NO NAP! Dr. Horowich, her primary physician at Bryn Mawr, thought she seemed “brighter”. Spending the evening with her, we would agree!

Corey was alert all evening. It was also comforting that she appeared to be relaxed as well. There were a few moments tonight that we thought Corey was trying to smile again…it’s coming, we just know it!

Tonight was Corey’s shower night. Prior to her shower Laura, our night nursing tech, worked with she and I on command responses. Corey typically has her eyes and head fixated to her right. We asked Corey to move her eyes and her head to her left. It took 45 minutes, but Corey responded twice and came close to moving her head on the third try but couldn’t quite make it. We assured her we were proud of her for working so hard despite how tired she was and she did a great job! We transferred her to the shower gurney. Knowing her schedule and how tired she is after her shower, I was going to leave a little early tonight. I helped bring Corey into the shower and gave her kisses. As I was saying my goodnight, Corey turned her head to her left, looked directly at me, opened her mouth and then motioned with her mouth what looked like her attempt to talk…maybe it was supposed to be “Happy dreams Mom”? She held her head to the left and stared at me for nearly a full minute! She then returned to her usual right position. Laura and I looked at each other surprised and excited to witness what we thought was a deliberate turn. Laura and I were so happy, we shared a hug!

Corey we’re so proud of you for working hard, pushing beyond your fatigue and frustration. You are an amazing young woman. Thank you for wishing me Happy Dreams tonight…watching you, how can I not? I love you, xoxo