Hi Everyone,

Not to neglect our other two children, Caitlin and JohnPaul are both doing well and we’re all looking forward to spending time together the next couple of days. With more people home, Caitlin will be less bored and possibly not hijack the CarePage again…we hope!

Corey had another full day of PT/OT. We could tell that yesterday’s busy day carried over to today because our girl was wiped out! By the time I arrived she was in bed and slept for the entire visit. Watching her sleep peacefully was just as wonderful as spending time with her when she’s awake.

As you can imagine, it’s difficult to comprehend that tomorrow is Christmas Eve. I’ve been thinking a lot about Christmas. Can you imagine what it was like for Joseph and Mary? Joseph’s main concern was to take care of his wife. Imagine the panic and desperation he felt to find a place for her to rest. Mary must have been so uncomfortable. I would think she was trying to mentally block out the pain, worry and fear in order to keep calm and trust that Joseph was going to find her shelter. The two of them were driven by the outcome they knew was soon to arrive. Their Son was the Hope that kept them focused. As parents, we can empathize. The story is told that a miracle arrived that night. We think of a baby and His parents. Their wonder of what His future will hold, how He will grow, what He will accomplish. We all know the story and the ending.

Corey’s story has not yet been written. Some people say that her being alive is a miracle. 90% of the people with a global brain trauma don’t live as a result of their injuries. The 10% that live only 3 % open their eyes. Corey hated math. It makes sense that she’s not paying attention to the odds! We are new parents again waiting for the story of her miracle, anticipating her growth and accomplishments. For us, Hope has to be written in each chapter.

Everyday I take time in the morning and in the evening to make a Gratitude list. There are many tiny details of the day that qualify as daily miracles. I’d like to share one of the miracles our family has received this year ~ Liam. You may recall Corey going to Brigantine, NJ to baby sit my niece’s daughter, Meghan. This little girl is full of energy and life. Definitely the reason that Corey bonded and fell in love with her! Katie was on full bed rest because at 4 months pregnant, the doctors found a fast growing tumor in the baby’s lung.
We are happy to say that Liam not only survived, he’s been cleared to fly back to London…tomorrow, Christmas Eve! Katie, Billy, Meghan and Liam will be flying between 6pm and 2am. Please keep them in your prayers too. It will be Liam’s first flight as a healthy young man! He is proof that miracles happen…we’re hoping that more than one will be granted this year! PS – Katie promises to tell us if she sees a sleigh and 8 tiny reindeer!

The next two days JohnPaul, Caitlin, John and I will be spending time with Corey. Although it is not the usual Christmas filled with our traditions, it will be filled with blessings none the less. I will not be posting on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, but we wish you all a holiday filled with laughter, joy in celebrating with people that you love and Hope that we all continue to be blessed with daily miracles.

All our love, the Beattie’s xoxo