Hi Everyone,

Today had several surprises for us. One of Corey’s friends came by to visit. As the girls “talked”, Corey’s facial expressions were changing. Truthfully, we’ve never seen this from her to this degree. At one point, we were laughing and the corner of Corey’s mouth appeared to twitch as if she was trying to join in with a smile! Her girlfriend opened Corey’s facebook page and began reading all the posts from her friends. We noticed that Corey’s facial expression changed again. This time she actually looked sad and her eyes welled up with tears. It was evident that she misses everyone! We assured her that she will be back and see her friends soon. Again, there was a change in her expression, her breathing slowed down and she was calm. Corey’s girlfriend was nodding her head yes as she asked Corey to agree to a statement. It appeared that Corey mimicked the motion in response…several times! This is definitely something we will continue to work on to test for consistency.

Corey’s facial expression as well as showing her emotions is a double edged sword. We want to see her emotional connection but it is heart wrenching to watch her upset and tearing. Nick has warned me, “This is what we want to see. It’s a sign she is emerging, but this is when it gets Really Hard!” “Believe it or not, what you’ve already been through was the easy part”…Dear GOD, is this man serious?! In my heart, I know it’s true.
Corey is more aware of us and her closest friends. We all must reach within; dispel any doubt, fear or worry. Think of the times in your life when you didn’t think you could achieve something. Now think of the people that encouraged you, believed in you. I will wager that it renewed your resolve, motivated and empowered you. That’s what we can do for Corey. When we sit with her and she looks into our eyes, she will continue to see confidence and positive energy!

Another surprise of the day was when I arrived home, there was evidence that Santa’s elves stopped by for a visit! I haven’t decorated the house for Christmas nor have I hung any exterior lights. The elves arrived and not only hung the lights, they also had a miniature tree with decorations, a table cloth on the kitchen table, centerpiece included and festive knickknacks throughout the kitchen, living room and powder room! The magic of Christmas elves…what would we do without our friends?

Corey, the elves are here for you too honey! You have so many friends that love you and are ready to help you turn on your inner lights. Hang in there baby…
Happy dreams, xoxo