Hi Everyone,

Mid-afternoon update…the neurosurgeon ordered another CAT scan today. Corey’s fluid had increased from yesterday. They’ve put her on the “add-on” schedule for tonight to put the shunt in. We don’t have a specific time, so lets just all pray together.

Everyone has been so encouraging and supportive. Let’s also say some prayers of gratitude, too.
Thank You for Corey’s Doctors, Nurses, and the staff at the hospital that is taking care of all of us. Thank You for all our friends and family. Thank you for the small signs that Corey is fighting her way back to us. She has been a stubborn, independent, strong willed woman since the day she was born. Thank You for giving her those traits!

We don’t know what “The Plan” is, so Just for Today; give us strength, hope and courage. Tomorrow will take care of itself!

(evening post continued)

It’s 11:30pm and Corey is out of surgery. The surgery went well, the shunt is in on the left side of the brain so it doesn’t interfere with putting the bone back on the right.

This surgery should help release the fluid on the brain and we hope it will also help initiate the opportunity for the swelling to begin to come down. If the swelling begins to come down, we hope to begin to see signs of recovery.

She will be here for the next 24 (maybe 48 hours) to make sure everything goes well before the move to rehab.

It will be 45 minutes to an hour before we can see her but we wanted all of our prayer warriors to know that we made it through another fight!
Thank you all for your prayers. We will continue to keep you updated.

God continues to bless our Corey!