Hi Everyone,

Corey’s CAT scan confirmed increased fluid in the ventricles. She will most likely have the shunt put in on Wednesday unless they decide differently tomorrow at rounds.
This procedure will be good for her for a number of reasons. It will release the fluid that’s building and (we hope) the brain swelling will begin to diminish, but it will also give her the best opportunity to succeed with her rehab program. Once she’s stable from the shunt procedure, we can begin to prepare her for the move.

Speaking of rehabs, we’ve decided on Bryn Mawr Rehab in Malvern. Their expertise and success with patients that have this type of global brain trauma comes highly recommended. We are praying that Corey will be counted among their greatest success stories!

The nurses have already begun preparing her for the rehab stay. She now has several moves from her bed to her recliner throughout the day. They also have regular stimulation sessions and nap/rest times. Her time here will be a vacation compared to what she’s about to do at rehab! She better rest now because that little girl will be going non-stop once she moves onto the next step.

We also want you to know that her girlfriends have begun a fundraiser for her. There is a “Corey” Bracelet that will make Lance very jealous. We’ve posted a picture for you to see in her gallery. If you would like to purchase a bracelet they are $5 or whatever you’d like to contribute. Lexi and her Mom, Nicole, are taking orders.
Blue goes with everything!!

Thanks again for all your love and support!
Good night…