Hi everyone,

The bracelets are a huge hit! Thank you all so much for showing your love and support for Corey.

Shelly was in visiting Corey today and we were talking about cheering memories. One of the superstitious rituals the girls did to prepare for the December competitions was “NO SHAVE NOVEMBER”. The senior girls wouldn’t shave their legs for the month of November. They then came to our house the night before the first competition to shave their legs. Now that you have that image, let’s give an even clearer visual. Corey and 5-7 of her closest girlfriends in a small bathroom; 3-4 on the edge of the tub and 2-3 leg up on the single sink. Music blaring, giggles, gossip, water and shaving cream everywhere! Then the clean up (they honestly did try)

Shelly posted an event on facebook to invite just a few friends to recreate that ritual in Corey’s honor. Well, in true facebook style, there’s now 90 people signed up. Shelly has decided to turn this into a fundraiser for Corey. I can hear the laughter already! We will keep you posted on the date but remember, if you want to attend…NO SHAVING!

Today was a quiet day for Corey but those days are needed too. She needs time to rest and let the healing continue. We also need days like this when friends show up to let us cry, talk, and give us the hugs we need that will strengthen us.
We really appreciate everything everyone is doing to help Corey. We can’t thank you enough!
Love the Beatties