Hi Everyone, It’s Marie tonight

Corey and I both spent the day with our sisters.

Diane is visiting this week to help us with the development of Corey’s first book. We hope it will be useful for TBI families post acute inpatient stay. We have our title, chapter outlines and began writing the first few chapters. One chapter will be dedicated to Corey’s writings. She has a series of topics, questions and musings that will be included. In addition, we’ll have a chapter on Nutrition which will include many of the recipes we’ve been using in our Cooking Therapy sessions. We love reading your comments on the carepage and think it’s a great idea to begin posting some of our recipes here. You can be our test audience!! We are posting last nights dish and will note when the recipe is attached to the end of the page for those of you brave enough to test our creations.

Caitlin and Corey had a great day. It was the first day they’ve had without Corrine in many, many months. The girls went to Bryn Mawr for a session with Natalie. Corey walked 580 feet to the day treatment gym, cycled for 17 minutes when Natalie had to remind her to stop peddling (thank goodness that bike is stationery!), then the girls timed Corey’s standing balance. It was not an official timed trial so the girls did the best out of 6. Corey only held her stance for 1 minute to 1.20 each trial before tilting off balance but all tolled, she stood for over 6 minutes. I’d be wobbling too after 45 minutes of working out. As a timed test her grand total doesn’t ‘count’ but guess what…we add every second and it all counts to us!

We hope you all made your day count too, xoxo

Cooking with Corey

Horseradish Chicken with roasted vegetables
Prep time approximately 20 minutes
Cook time approximately 30 minutes

1 large head fresh Broccoli, cut close to florets discarding stalks
2 cups fresh string beans cut (1″ length)
2 cups celery with tops chopped (1/4″ pieces)
2 medium sweet onions cubed
1 large container whole baby bella mushrooms, coarsely chopped
6 cups fresh spinach leaves
Balsamic Vinegrette dressing (we use Costco Kirkland brand)
Olive Oil
(4) 4oz Chicken breasts, (trim, filet chicken breasts lengthwise)

Cover a cookie sheet with aluminum foil
Drizzle 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil on the foil
Wash, cut and randomly scatter all veggies on the cookie sheet
Drizzle 4 tablespoons of Vinegrette dressing over vegetables
Using a spatula, flip raw veggies to coat
Place in the oven to roast at 425 for 20 minutes, occasionally turning the mixture for even cooking

While the vegetables are roasting, fillet the chicken lengthwise
Using a pastry brush, coat breasts with horseradish mustard (we use the generic Giant brand)
Place in a dry frying pan on 250 or medium heat.
Continually turn breasts. If the pan becomes dry, add a tablespoon of diluted Vinegrette dressing for moisture.

As vegetables become tender, change oven setting to broil for 5 minutes (this gives a grilled look/taste to veggies)
The breasts should be finished about the same time as the vegetables.

Evenly distribute a bed of raw spinach on your dinner plates
Place chicken on spinach bed and ladle roasted vegetables to top off the chicken

Serves 4 for under 200 calories/serving
Bon Appetite!