Hi Everyone,

Today Corrine and Maureen (my evil twin) created a new therapy…Kettle Therapy.

Imagine the process of filling a tea kettle with water and placing it on the stove top. The burner slowly rises in temperature. When the water reaches it’s peak boiling point, the kettle releases it steam at a pitch very few soprano’s could sing.

Now imagine Corey sitting at the kitchen table, kicking, screaming and yelling and me standing across from her attempting to ‘reason’ with her (but trying harder not release the urge to mimic her behavior) when all of sudden I break the chaos with “okay STOP…on the count of 3 we both get to scream as loud and as long as we can…1…2…3…” (if you felt a slight tremor at approximately 9:43 am, it was us) “Now…take a deep breath…exhale…(she wasn’t better) deep breath…SCREAM!”

Despite a scratchy throat, this new approach allowed the evil twins to release their pent up tension and calm down in order to move into a typical monday.

Mid-day session with Natalie was the highlight of the day. At home Corey and I have begun regular warm-up exercises at the kitchen island. Before we work on her balance, she does a series of leg lifts, side kicks and marching in place. In the gym today we used the parallel bars to show Natalie our home exercises. Not only did Corey repeat our routine, she tried lunges and step work with Natalie. We closed the session filming her walking with Natalie using the armcuff cane. We can not post it on YouTube yet but did preview her debut with Dr. Long in our follow up appointment after PT. Dr. Long has not personally witnessed Corey’s therapy progress in 3 months. He looked at the film, smiled and was visibly moved by her achievement; “Corey, you continue to amaze with miracles”.

Seeing the end of this path, as well as the progress we make as we move forward, is nearly impossible to discern day to day. Although it was a long arduous day, and our evening was equally challenging, it was another day of progress! Not only did Corey build on her physical achievements, we both worked through a new emotional hurdle.

On a day like today, after we pour the boiling water and allow the tea to steep, we have to remember to look at our day through the eyes of those that stop by from time to time.

Maybe tomorrow we’ll serve cookies with our tea…or throw them if we need more Kettle Therapy, xoxo