Hi Everyone,

Two days ago I put a call out to rally the troops. Time to get your gear ready team…

State Representative John Lawrence arrived at 9am to meet Corey. We sat in the kitchen to discuss the issue of the Intersection. Mr. Lawrence gave us the history and detail of reports, applications as well as an overview of the issues that the state is trying to resolve with limited funding in the transportation budget. Every example sited had a reason for not getting a light or a stop sign at the intersection. My response to each conclusion was WHY? WHY NOT? Exasperated, Mr. Lawrence laughed and said, “You’re relentless”…and your point is?

After hearing all the reasons why we can’t get a light at that intersection, I insisted that we brainstorm about all the ways we can make it happen. It seemed that every idea had the “this is bigger than you” aura surrounding it. Finally I was exasperated! I told Mr. Lawrence about the article in today’s paper and the on-line petition. I told him that if that didn’t work I’m going to make a banner with a photograph of Corey in her wheelchair with the words SLOW DOWN printed next to her picture. I would post it on the four corners myself. Maybe we need the community to line the road and call the media for coverage? Somehow PennDot has to pay attention to our collective voices.

Suddenly a light bulb went off for him ~ a Rally at Corey’s Corner. There are logistics to work out but that’s just what we’re planning to do! Part 2 of Corey’s story is published next week. It will focus on the intersection and what we can do. The Rally will follow the week after that; Saturday, March 24th from 4:30 – 6pm.

We hope you all will come out to show your support. We will be inviting PennDot engineers, Senator Pileggi, Governor Corbett and of course the media. Let’s show them the results of our study!

I’m closing tonight with inspiration from Corey. We had quiet time together which means she and I sit and talk for a few hours before she goes to bed. We reviewed our day, played on facebook and read the carepage. When I finished she said, “I want to write”. I asked her what she’d like to write about tonight. She said her dream.

What did you dream about? ‘God’
You had another dream about God? ‘Yes’
Where were you? ‘Home’
When did you dream about Him? ‘Every night’
You dream about God every night? ‘He comes when I’m sad’
What does He look like? (I wanted to see if she gave the same description)
She said, ‘Old, like Papa’
What did He do when He was with you? ‘Open His hands’
Open His hands? I don’t understand? ‘Like He touches people’
What does He do? (She pointed to her cheek and moved her hand around her face)
She said, ‘He kisses me here’
What do you talk about? ‘Me. I pray’
What do you ask Him? What’s your prayer? “Long Life”
What does He say? ‘He will try’
Does God tell you anything else? ‘Live well, be nice’
Did you ask Him other things? ‘College, boyfriends’
What did he say? “Matter of Time”

Thank you for writing tonight Corey. When you said, “Matter of Time” all I could think of was Dedema telling me, “Marie, its in God’s time not yours”. Oh how I hated hearing that sentence.

Hearing your voice say these three simple words fills my heart with a sense of assurance and confidence that revitalizes me. I love you Corey. You are getting stronger and healthier everyday. You are starting to eat, talk, move your left side, take steps to walk, hold your head and your body for longer periods. And YES; you will go to college and you will have a boyfriend. It’s all coming back honey…”Matter of Time” xoxo