Hi Everyone,

Thank you for the comments posted and the letters written to our Governor, Senator and State Representative. I took my own advice and asked one of Corey’s girlfriends to help me with the facebook page. Ashleigh did one better; she not only helped with the FB page, she found an online Petition page that tracks the number of signatures as well as comments Governor Corbett can read. I am attaching the link if you’re interested in signing.


I mentioned the local paper, Chester County Press, writing a two part article on Corey’s recovery. Today Part 1 was published. The editor wanted to share Corey’s back story as well as the community story. He did a wonderful job representing Corey’s achievements. Part 2 will be published next week. It will reference our fight for a light at the intersection I wrote about last night. We are happy to share this story with all of you.


Today Corey continued to push forward. She ate almost 3oz of ice cream with Diane, (ST), she stood at the kitchen sink to exercise with Gillian (PT), she read with her teacher and she used her standing frame with Jen (PT) for 11 minutes! Tomorrow Corey has another full day of therapy as well as a visit scheduled at the house with our State Representative, John Lawrence. I’m sure after meeting Corey in person, Mr. Lawrence will not only agree her recovery is amazing but she will inspire him to forge ahead and push for the change we need with our request of PennDot to install a light or 4 way stop.

How does the ant eat the elephant? One bite at a time…”they” don’t realize how hungry Corey is! xoxo