Hi Everyone,

My friend calls these carepages her morning OJ. Many of you have told me you enjoy Corey’s page with your morning coffee. For some it accompanies your bedtime prayers. Regardless of the time, we hope today’s post makes your day.

Corey’s had a very busy weekend. We are excited to share “new firsts”.

Saturday was a morning trip to the mall. We went dress shopping for Kerri and Brendan’s wedding. Shopping at a department store is a new experience for us especially when she has to try on her selections. Maneuvering the turn-styles was challenging. Retail merchandising is not handicap friendly. So as the saying goes; ‘if Mohammed can’t get to the mountain, the mountain will come to Mohammed’. I chose a variety of dresses and brought them out to Corey. She approved six. Just before we entered the dressing rooms, Corey reached out for another dress and told me, “I want this one”. After trying on all seven, she looked the most beautiful in her choice! This girl knows fashion. She chose a navy blue off the shoulder eyelet lace.

Sunday morning my hairdresser/girlfriend came to the house to cut Corey’s hair; new dress, new “Do”. We removed the headrest of Corey’s wheelchair so Debbie could perform her magic. Corey held her head for almost 25 minutes. Her bangs are back and she looks adorable! (Pictures soon, I promise)

Corey rested up for a big afternoon. She had to report to work at Candy for all Occasions! Sue never took Corey’s name off the schedule. She’s been anxiously waiting for Corey to get stronger and more mobile. With Easter coming, we thought that the consistency of the butter cream and coconut would be perfect for Corey to make Irish Potatoes. She did a pretty good job rolling the potatoes until she put them on the tray and flattened them out. I tried to explain to her that they’re called Irish Potatoes, NOT potato pancakes. She laughed and continued to flatten them. I told Sue to start a new Easter specialty but I don’t think she’s going for the marketing suggesting. Corey was much better at covering the potatoes in cinnamon (I was in charge of rolling). It was a team effort. Customers were coming in as Corey was making the fresh potatoes and they waited to purchase the ones she was making; (in our opinion they were the best Sue’s ever sold!) Unfortunately, Corey’s stamina waned and she only lasted about an hour. She needs to work her way back to her previous title of Employee of the Month…it’s just a matter of time.

How many of you dread Monday’s? Well, Corey wants to make sure you all celebrate today. We typically stretch Corey so she’s warmed up for her PT session. Today she did it all by her self. She lifted her leg, bending it at the knee to raise it to her chest, than fully extended it to a horizontal position. Not once or twice; for almost an hour! Her smile was contagious. She was giggling with pride. She watched her foot rise, her knee bend and then would look at us to make sure we were watching. It’s as if a switch went on and after 17 months, she can move her left leg. Gillian measured her foot drop. Corey has gone from a -18 to a -8! That’s amazing. Between the braces on her legs, the standing frame and stretching exercises she is increasing her range. The Irish in me is hesitant to put this out to the universe but she might not need surgery on that foot; at least not yet.

Gillian decided to try something new today. She assisted Corey walking down the foyer hall to the kitchen (13 feet) WITHOUT the walker! Gillian was positioned in front of Corey, hands on Corey’s hips, with her left shoulder at Corey’s waste. Corey leaned against Gillian as Gillian guided her right foot and manipulated her left leg/foot. Gillian felt Corey kick through the step three separate times. Completely amazing!

Think it can’t get better than this? For Corey it did. We have a local convenience store called Wawa. Corey’s favorite food other than a vegetarian hoagie was their Macaroni and Cheese. It pureed perfectly. Corey’s eyes lit up when she tasted it. When I asked what she thought of it, she smiled and said; “Awesome”!

Happy Monday! xoxo