Hi Everyone,

Once I write our page I don’t usually go back and reread the entries. It’s been a difficult few days and tonight I felt compelled to go back and read our entry from the 22nd and 23rd of 2010. Although I can recall the clinical details from Day 1 forward, the daily happenings aren’t as easily remembered. It surprised me to read that the evening of the 22nd Corey’s nursing tech and I was ecstatic that Corey turned her head to the left, looked straight at me and opened her mouth as if she wanted to speak to me. Her eyes were not crossing midline a year ago nor was she capable of turning her head to the left. She did not have the ability to speak. I also noted my ritual of writing a daily gratitude list.

Tonight I’m grateful that I have Corey’s story documented. What a wonderful reminder of where we were as compared to where we are today! It’s been a difficult few days within a difficult week but it’s so much better than it was a year ago. She has come so far.

We had a follow up appointment with Dr. Long today. Corey’s levels for her seizure medications were evaluated and based on their ranges we will be increasing the dosages of each her medications. We hope that this will prevent additional seizures. We will repeat the blood work in 2 weeks to qualify that her levels are still within normal range and not knocking her system off kilter.

In addition to the increased medication dosages, she will also have a repeat CAT scan and we now have a written protocol in the event of additional seizures. We also have Oxygen on hand should she stop breathing as well as nasal catheters in case we need to use them with her suction machine to reach deeper into the esophagus if she aspirates during a seizure again. I’m going to play the Irish superstition card; now that we have everything we need in case she has another seizure ~ she won’t have another one! There you go universe…It’s stated as fact and in writing. Murphy’s Law is officially trumped.

Clinical facts and superstitions aside, Corey greeted Dr. Long with a big smile and big “Hi”. Dr. Long commented on how terrific Corey looks. She also clearly asked, “How are you” and then held a brief conversation answering with appropriate responses. I shared with Dr. Long that we’ve started Music and Cooking therapy. I think he thinks I’m exaggerating when I shared the details of what Corey is now capable of. Maybe next visit we’ll bring him one of her entrees.

So tonight’s gratitude list entry will include; Corey’s ability to communicate not only with her eyes but verbally as well. She is standing with assistance, she’s taking steps with assistance and she is sitting independently with supervision. She laughs, she’s writing and she’s interacting with us. She shares her personality and sense of humor with us daily. I will also include how grateful I am that the kids came home tonight. Having all three together for the next two days is the greatest gift I will receive.

I am going to sign off for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I know there are many that don’t write or even subscribe to our carepage but follow Corey’s progress along with you. Please share this sentiment with them. Your prayers, positive thoughts and energy, love and friendship have given us the strength we’ve needed to make our daily progress. We can’t thank you enough! We wish you all a wonderful holiday filled with family, friends, laughter, joy and an appreciation of the gifts that come from sharing time together.

Happy Holidays to you all ~ All our love, the Beattie’s xoxo