Hi Everyone,

We always wonder what the aftermath of a seizure will bring. Does it ignite new connections? Does it promote better accuracy of the gains she’s currently made or will it retract from the progress she’s made?

Corey’s speech sessions include more than just speaking. Diane works on whole language too. Today’s session was very successful even though Corey did not physically speak. Diane read definitions to Corey and gave her multiple choice answers to “name that word”. Corey nailed it. We have noticed that her spelling seems to be off for the first time since she’s shown she can write to communicate. Regardless, she surprised Diane by demonstrating a much higher cognitive level of understanding. By the way, Diane doesn’t use a red pen for spelling errors.

PT was next. Corey walked a little further than she did yesterday. She uses the walker, taking a step with her right foot as Gillian manipulates the stepping motion with her left foot. She walked from the matte to the entrance of the living room to her wheelchair. It was a total of seven feet!

Unfortunately Corey was complaining of headaches yesterday and tonight. It is not unusual for a patient to have headaches after a seizure but she’s been headache free for 3 months; I’m hoping the seizure hasn’t triggered them and they start appearing daily.
The local neurologist confirmed we’re going to have to wait and see what Corey’s pattern will be. Speaking of Neurologists, we will be going back to Dr. Long on Friday for our monthly follow up evaluation…I wonder what Corey will do this month to surprise him?

Tonight I’d like to share a funny story with you. I’ve mentioned Corey’s friend Selina several times in past entries. Corey had her own Christmas tradition with Selina’s family. When Corey would go to their home, at some point during the visit, she would go into their living room and literally steal the baby Jesus from the Christmas crèche and leave a ransom note for Selina’s parents in his place. It was an annual event. One year Selina’s mother, Lisa, watched Corey’s every move and followed her around her own home to make sure baby Jesus would be safe. By the end of the evening, Lisa was assured that the infant was safe and sound in his manger. That is until she checked just before she went to bed and sure enough the baby had been kidnapped yet again. Lisa was completely astounded as she was sure Corey was never alone in the house.

As you know, Corey’s accident was October 2nd. Selina and her family came to the ICU to visit us. Before they arrived, they went up to the attic and unpacked baby Jesus and brought him to Corey. She has had the little figure with her every night since.

Corey and I have a nightly ritual. We talk to my mother, we talk to St. Jude (patron saint of impossible causes) we talk to Padre Pio (Catholic American priest that is a Saint) and we have Holy Water/Oil that I place on her head, hands, legs and feet. As we have our conversations with our angels, I open Corey’s left hand to hold baby Jesus.

Tonight as I showed Corey the carved figure, she tried to raise her left arm as she released her grasp and moved her thumb, pointer, middle and ring finger to open her hand. She was reaching to take the infant herself. I helped her fully extend her hand. I placed the figure in her palm and she closed her fingers to hold it in her hand. I was amazed! I told her how proud I was of her and she laughed, spoke “Thank You” then laughed again and said, “I’m Good”!

I disagree…you’re the best. xoxo