Hi Everyone,

Corey had a quiet day. She is still suffering with her mouth pain, so we went back to the doctors this afternoon. The doctor is going to try to aggressively attack the yeast infection that is the root of the thrush. We are hoping that if we can heal the thrush, the burning sensation will lessen. This afternoon Corey and Jen had a good PT session. I bought ankle braces to insert in her sneakers to stabilize her ankles when she’s not in her braces. She told Jen that standing felt better with the ankle supports.

Tomorrow we will head to Bryn Mawr to meet with the owner of the Brace Company. Corey had custom braces fitted when we were in Bryn Mawr. The purpose was to stabilize her foot, try to increase the range with a spring setting that allowed movement but would flex back to the suggested setting to promote permanent range. They were also instrumental in correcting Corey’s foot from curling inward. She will be measured, evaluated and the braces will be adjusted to help her continue to increase her range.

Daily PT is critical to Corey’s progress if she wants to walk again. The braces, PT and standing frame will assist her with that function. Unfortunately, her range has decreased since we’ve been home. Keep in mind we did not have PT for just over a month after we came home. Her left foot alone dropped from a –17 to a -25. That measurement is due to a number of factors besides physical therapy. It has also dropped due to increased tone which is from the TBI. We are trying a number of methods to increase the range hopefully preventing a surgery that would lengthen the tendons. That type of surgery would cut the tendons in the ankle and calf forcing the foot to “spring” back. We are hoping to avoid that for obvious reasons.

Corey and I both had a fun evening. Corey visited with a friend of ours. The girls read, played on the IPad and sang songs from several Disney CD’s we have. They also made paper snowflake decorations for Corey’s room.

I ran into Philly to have dinner with JohnPaul and Caitlin to celebrate Caitlin’s 22nd birthday. We had a great night talking, laughing and enjoying each other’s company.
I love spending time with the kids! We are looking forward to Thanksgiving when we’ll all be home together. xoxo