Hi Everyone,

Corey and I both had a fun weekend. I went to Baltimore to meet a friend on Saturday. It was a beautiful day to walk around the inner harbor. I even managed to take a nap by the water! We had dinner and found an open air theater along the harbor. Much to our surprise, Bill Cosby was appearing. He is an amazing comedian! His delivery is as funny as the real life topics he chooses to talk about.

Corey was being entertained by our day nurse and a friend of JohnPaul’s that is a nursing student. The girls reported a fun day/evening. Corey is trying to talk all the time now. So far she can only say certain vowel sounds but she’s trying to form the words with her mouth. She has a list of 5 words she can say fairly clearly and this weekend she added “off”. She is also trying to say “I love you”. When I returned home and greeted Corey, she waved and said “Hi”. How can you not smile with a greeting like that? I told her I missed her and she attempted to reply with her own sentence…hopefully it was “I missed you too, Mom” but it could have been “why are you back; I’m having fun with my friends”.

Corey I knew I would miss you while I was gone but what I didn’t expect was to see the change in you in just 48 hours. I don’t know if it’s because I’m seeing you with relaxed eyes but you are doing new things just since Friday. You are moving your left toes and foot on command. You are trying to lift your left leg when it falls behind the foot stand. You are not only squeezing my hand with your left; you moved your left pointer finger tonight! I am so excited to see the movement on your left side. Watching your progression rekindles hope, inspiration and encouragement. I know you feel the energy when you watch our excitement. You laugh as we dance, jump up and down and scream with delight as we witness your accomplishments; but I can feel you celebrating with us.

We have so much to keep celebrating Corey. You keep striving to recover and we’ll keep dancing until you can jump up and join us…it won’t be long honey. I’m happy to be home with you again. I love you, xoxo