Hi Everyone,

Corey finally seems to be her self today! Her primary care physician spoke with the covering neurologist at Bryn Mawr (Dr. Long is on vacation). Together they agree that Topamax is a not only a good migraine medication it can also be utilized as her 2nd seizure medication. Prior to the accident, Corey was on 200mg/day. As we wean her off the Tegratol onto Topamax she was becoming lethargic, dizzy, disoriented and her blood pressure was extremely low. The Doctor’s decided to wean her on at a slower rate and only give her the Topamax with her night medication dosages. They also ordered a number of blood tests. 10 vials of blood to be exact; I wasn’t sure if Corey had that much blood! We also had a CAT scan last night that will check her VP shunt and make sure that is not an issue either, results for the above pending.

Although Corey was exhausted, she was alert and engaged last night which was great because we had a surprise visit from JohnPaul! He came out to watch the Phillies game with Corey. We actually didn’t pay close attention to the game because we were too busy watching the stand behind home plate…which is where Caitlin sat and waved to us for the first 3 innings (until they were called for a rain delay). It was so much fun to watch Corey sit with her brother and for her to watch me jump up to the screen to point to Caitlin waving to her!

This morning Corey woke up with her typical smile. Sherise gave Corey the white board and asked Corey “Why are you smiling? What’s up?” Corey wrote “Life”…What a great morning inspirational message!

It never ceases to surprise me when I see this young woman continually smile. Despite the pain, discomfort, frustration and exhaustion she looks at me with those big blue eyes and smiles. If she can’t smile she gently reaches out to touch my arm as if to comfort me and say, ‘I’m okay mom’.

Corey I’m so proud of you. Thank you for inspiring me. Thank you for comforting me. Thank you for hangin’ in there to push through until it gets better. Thanks for reminding me to smile at “Life”! I love you so much! xoxo