Hi Everyone,

Tuesday mornings start early for Corey! I’m excited to share with you that U of D will be accepting Corey into the Intern In-service patient Program! We met another therapist today that will be working with her. She is in the process of finishing her second PhD. Her 2nd degree is specialized in NeuroPT. Dr. Marjy will be working along with the Director of the PT program and the students assigned to Corey. Speaking of the students; I was informed that the interns are not undergrad (which was my assumption) but are in the Masters program studying for their PhD’s as well. We are so fortunate to have this opportunity!

The immediate plan is to set an appointment for the nerve blocks. The day of the block and/or the following day, we will go to U of D for casting. Corey will have casts put on both legs. Initially, they will stay on for approximately 4 days then removed. The casting will force the muscles to stay in a fixed stretched position. When they are removed, the therapists will aggressively work on stretching, weight baring and possibly walking to test her mobility. After a short break without the casts, she will have them reapplied for a longer period. That will be repeated for several months as long as her skin does not show breakdown and her pain level does not increase.

The Plan of Care will be to build strength in her upper and lower extremities as well as work with her to enhance the speech and cognitive therapies she’s currently receiving at home.

Speaking of home therapy; Corey continues to work hard and the therapy teams are so impressed. Corey has had a rough few days but she pushes through the pain and fatigue to work the entire length of each session. As she shows progress, the teams are getting more and more excited. Each therapist can’t wait to come back to see what Corey will do next! Ps…we can’t wait either! xoxo