Hi Everyone,

Corey is really not feeling well. I arrived home after work and the nurse did not report a good day. For the first time since we’ve been home she was unable to participate in today’s therapy. We’re not sure if she is reacting to the medication changes, if the shunt is an issue or if she is just entering another phase of the comma recovery scale (technically she hasn’t hit Stage 4 yet). She was very upset for most of the night and I literally stayed in bed with her. Each time I tried to reposition myself, Corey would call out, reach out and pull me back. I gave her the board thinking she was in pain. She’d write “stay”. Our night nurse arrived and I’m going to try to sleep for a bit just in case she needs me through the night.

We are waiting for the pre-authorization for the CAT scan and tomorrow we will most likely go for blood work to rule out any infections. I am going to cancel her therapies to give her a day off.

I will update you as soon as we can figure out what’s going on. Please keep us in your thoughts. It’s upsetting to watch her go through her discomfort and not know what we can do to “fix” it.

God ~ Enough…Please give this kid a break!