Hi Everyone,

My sister Diane came down from NY to visit this weekend. Pretty sure it was to keep an eye on me and give a sanity report back to my family! So far, I haven’t crawled into the fetal position and I’m still functioning!

We went into Philly to have brunch with Caitlin and walked around Rittenhouse Square park. It was a beautiful day to walk around. This afternoon Corey’s friends Christie and Ivan came to visit. The kids had a great time. Tonight Diane, Corey and I had a girl’s night including a movie. Diane was surprised to watch the selection process Corey uses to choose her movie. I hold up each movie in Corey’s inventory. Corey will either write, point or nod her head YES/NO for each selection. We make a YES pile and a NO pile. We literally whittle the selection down to one choice. It’s a game that is filled with cognitive exercises as well as allowing personal choice. I’m always sneaking in learning exercises.

Corey is tucked in, night meds were administered, nurses report given and I can honestly say I’m tired tonight! Good night ~ Happy dreams, xoxo