Hi Everyone,

Corey had a good day. She and Sherise kept busy with a number of activities. There wasn’t any therapy scheduled for today so Sherise was Corey’s coach on the matte. We had a pleasant surprise when I arrived home. The new Physical Therapist from insurance called and asked if she could come tonight to work with Corey. Guess what my answer was?

Gillian arrived at 5:30. We worked together to help Corey sit on the edge of the matte. We are trying to help her with exercises to strengthen her trunk control and balance. We also worked on weight baring exercises for her upper body. We helped Corey lean to both her right and left side placing the weight of her torso on her elbow and forearm. She then had to push up using her arm to right her upper body to a sitting position.

Then it was time to walk! We helped Corey to a standing position. She can lift her right leg to take a step forward and we help lift and manipulate the left foot. She walked 8 feet in the living room towards the foyer. We helped her pivot to turn and she walked the 8 feet back to the matte. After a short rest, we did it again! It took a ½ hour but she did a great job. Slow but steady!

Corey all it takes is one step; just one step and after that step, another. You won’t do it all in one day. It will take time. But you can do it. Once you take the first step and commit to taking the rest, momentum is on your side. Little steps one after another will help you build your strength so you can take a thousand more!

There’s a saying that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Always remember when the going gets rough and it seems like you just can’t take another step, you can take it, you can make it, YOU CAN DO IT! You ARE doing it! I’m so proud of you, xoxo

PS-I like the saying ‘when the going gets tough, the tough go shopping’…keep taking those steps and we are soooo going to the mall!