Hi Everyone,

Those of you who know Corey will not be surprised by tonight’s post. Those of you, who are getting to know Corey via these pages, I’d like to assure you that this young woman has full cognitive and strategic abilities!

We didn’t have a nurse today so Mom is on duty from 8am to Midnight. Aside from the clinical care, that also means PT/OT/ST and Cognitive stimulation throughout the day.

Corey is getting much stronger on the matte. She is now lifting both her hips off the matte to “bridge” (a cheering move). She is attempting to roll to her side. Her left leg is significantly toning but if we work out long enough, we can get the muscles to warm up so she can fully extend her leg. She is also moving her left toes in a more defined movement. They are increasing from the “flinch” status to a real move…the goal is to wiggle those left toes.

Corey had some difficulty standing today. She couldn’t maintain her stance for very long. At one point she leaned forward in her wheelchair towards the kitchen chair. I asked her what she was looking at. She pointed to the kitchen chair. I was a bit confused wondering what exactly she was looking at…it’s not that interesting. Then I realized, she wanted to sit in the chair! She confirmed my guess and so we did. I was nervous but I also know her well enough that if she wants to try, we’re going for it!
It was the first time Corey sat upright in a “regular” chair. The back of the kitchen chair hits mid back. Corey had some difficulty maintaining her posture and had difficulty holding her neck and head but was able to sit upright for almost 5 minutes.

We went for three walks today, played Toss Across, created a new table tennis game, tried to write her name, played with photo cards to match with written words, watched the Philles, baked a cake and visited with neighbors. Our girl keeps busy!

When she’s not stimulated, that’s when she gets into trouble! My Mother would refer to her as “Gazinta”; she’d ga-zinta everything…this is the part that won’t surprise most of you. When Corey is bored, she will pull at her hair, pull at her feeding tube and try to rip/grab her clothing, kick, throw etc. Needless to say, stimulating activities are a constant (typically there’s no watching TV in our house!) As I was giving Corey her 2pm meds, she was grabbing for her feeding tube…Her new nickname; ”Quick Draw Macgraw”. Corey has molded arm rests for her wheelchair. They each have Velcro straps to secure her arms. Normally we do not use the straps. I became frustrated with her fighting me to grab her tube. I told Corey that I was going to strap her right hand to the chair if she didn’t stop grabbing the tube as I was giving medications. She smiled and continued to pull. On went the strap! For a split second I had relief thinking I could out smart her and finish the task at hand without stress. In that split second I forgot I was dealing with Miss Houdini! With the broadest smile to date, that little bugger pulled her arm back from the elbow and slipped her hand right out of the restraint and grabbed the tube. I knew I was finished!

This is a humorous story but think of the strategic planning it took to execute that movement. It’s such a shame some consider her to be low functioning! Leave it to Corey to defy the statistics and rewrite them!

Corey I had a lot of fun today. Spending time with you is wonderful. I find that I am learning as much as you are, as we come up with new games, exercises and try new ideas. I’ve said it before and stand ready today…you lead and we’ll follow! Happy dreams sweetie, xoxo