Hi Everyone,

Today was the day…a “Hi” with sound! Not once or twice, but half a dozen times on command! Corey has been mouthing the word for about a week now. The last few days I stroke her throat from her trach scar up towards her chin encouraging the sound. She would try to say the word but you could only hear the exhale of breath. Finally; the sound came out. Corey was all smiles. She heard herself. Another word we’ve been working on is “Mom”. I over exaggerate the Mmmmmm; MOM….Corey didn’t sound out the first M but got the “OM”…I’ll take it! I got a Hi OM!

Corey I wish I could describe to you the joy each new discovery brings for me. When the accident happened, the Doctors told us not to expect anything from you. They said we have a minimum of a year before we could begin to see what abilities you would regain. Since the accident I have tried hard to stay in the moment.

It’s very tempting to focus on yesterday and the things I could have done differently, or should have given my attention to. I even fall into the trap of worrying about how to make tomorrow turn out well. All that accomplishes is my not paying attention to the important people or the life I have today.
At the end of every day I focus on one question; “what positive things happened?” Albert Einstein once said; “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” I have been struggling with the word miracle. But as you continue to show me something new each day I must say that “miracle” for me is the gratitude I feel when I share in each discovery with you. Watching your “firsts” gives me renewed hope…that defines my miracle.
Corey you remind me that I am given these moments once. I have totreasure them today! I have to release what happened yesterday because it’s beyond my ability to call it back and change it. What may happen tomorrow is beyond my control. All I have is the ability to focus all my energy on today and the important people around me…my children and friends. I am grateful for sharing your smile, your laughter, the sound of your voice and the feel of your hug. I love you. Thank you for today, xoxo