Hi Everyone,

Corey had an off day. The nurse and Speech therapist agreed that she didn’t seem “herself” today. They managed to work well with Corey during her sessions despite her mood. Glad to report PT made it today. The nurse reported that they moved Corey to the living room and worked on her table. Corey sat upright, balanced with assistance, leaned forward and practiced pulling herself back to an upright position. This was meant to build her trunk muscles. Corey did well but her muscles were going into spasms because of the lack of sessions. Her range is beginning to show signs of limitations. We have to step it up!

Therefore I have another request. If there is anyone locally that knows of private therapists that have experience with TBI or ABI (acquired brain injury) Please, Please forward their name and phone number to me. We live very close to the Delaware/Maryland boarder. If anyone knows of therapists in either PA/DE/MD, PLEASE help me contact them. We need to schedule more consistent therapy for PT/OT and ST (Speech therapy). The current home therapists are approved through my primary insurance. Their hours will be exhausted after the first week of July. When the 30 hours are exhausted, Medicaid will begin paying for the therapy…however; I received a call today that Keystone Mercy (Medicaid) is having difficulty locating a company that (1) will come out to our home and (2) have the staff to cover the case. The current therapy company does not have a contract with Medicaid so we cannot continue to utilize their services.

Corey had a difficult time falling asleep tonight. I rubbed her head for a long time but it wasn’t relaxing her. Finally, I climbed into bed with her. Sometimes you just need your mother to hold you. She fell asleep…and so did I. Our night nurse woke me just a few minutes ago. Its amazing Corey gets any sleep because her bed is so uncomfortable. Thank goodness for more angels…she’s getting a new bed ~ tomorrow!! I am so excited for her. I can personally attest to how uncomfortable the current camping cot is verses a “real” hospital bed. We can’t wait.

Only one more night Corey…you’ll be sleeping more comfortably in just 12 hours. Try to rest now. I love holding you and holding your hand as you sleep. Happy dreams honey. I can’t wait for tomorrow’s delivery! Off to my own bed, xoxo