Hi Everyone,

Corey had a full day today. Yesterday, the school speech therapist stopped in to evaluate Corey. She came back today to complete the evaluation. Our day nurse reported that the therapist noticed an improvement just since yesterday. Yesterday, Corey would not swallow for the therapist. Today she was able to get Corey to swallow on command, open her mouth and show some jaw movement. Corey also hummed on command three times.

These incremental improvements are why we are pushing for daily PT/OT and Speech. Corey has not had consistent speech therapy. She is beginning to lose her ability to manage her secretions. Simply stated; she is forgetting how to swallow. This is a serious issue. Unfortunately this requires training that we and most family members are not qualified to do. How do you teach someone to swallow? This is why intensive therapy is critical on a daily basis. Corey is showing some signs of regression in just 3 weeks. Cognitively she is improving, physically there is somewhat of a decline because of our limited home resources. This is more upsetting than I can tell you. I am now on a mission. I have to find therapists that have neurological training to supplement the hours she will not get from the school district or state.

On a happier note;
We had two very special visitors tonight. Shelly and our Christiana ICU nurse Ashley. Shelly is doing well and looks beautiful as always. She has decided to go to Cosmetology school in the fall. Corey was happy to see her and the girls shared a few smiles. It was so nice to have them together again.

For those of you who have been reading our carepage since the beginning, you may remember the nurse that decorated Corey’s ICU room for her 18th birthday. That was Ashley. She also loved spa night and would dance and sing for Corey while playing Disney princess music.

Ashley couldn’t wait to come and see Corey. Corey didn’t remember Ashley but it was obvious she enjoyed her company. Ashley brought a Princess play book with princess magnets! Corey enjoyed putting the princesses on the board and moving them around. Ashley was amazed and excited to see Corey. She couldn’t believe her movement with her right arm and leg…she remembered that the right leg had the fractured femur! We had a wonderful visit. Now Ashley can’t wait to go back to work and tell all our ICU nurses all that Corey has accomplished since she last saw them.

After the visitors left for the evening, it was spa night. In Ashley’s honor, I put on princess music and Corey and I rocked out! It was a fun night for us.

Corey it’s so exciting to watch the reaction of your visitors’ first impressions. It also validates what we believe…you are doing an amazing job! Every day, in some way or another, you are doing something that is moving you forward. Sometimes it’s a small improvement or subtle positive step but there is always something new that you achieve.

You may not realize that your energy, motivation, tenacity and courage are driving your recovery and lifts me up as well. Your push to regain your strength, reclaim your life and fulfill your dream is leading me towards mine. By following your lead to keep pushing I am reminded every day that there are no limits. Thank you! xoxo